Do you think Louis Theroux is cute

thecultofnancyandlee replied to your post: I’ve had such bad cramps for a week and…

I DID (feel bad because I know only two songs) I saw them with the b-52s in an outside venue… it flooded!!

katie my diamond I think you’re on the wrong post my uterus plays no songs for anybody

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pugs are cute until you remember humans are breeding a type of dog that commonly suffers from a plethora of frequent and significant health issues and an inability to breathe properly and is basically just destined to a life of pain

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"please excuse Angela, she has a mild case of death and will come back when she’s ready"

ghostsim replied to your post “omg and aeroplane jelly quickset jelly is vegan too…jelly shots are…”

wHAT i fucking LOVE JELLY man & haven’t had any in years cause i thought it wasn’t vegan this is a revelation thank uuuu angela Thank You!!!!!!!

YEAH according to this vego site that variety is made with vegetable gum rather than gelatine so that’s VERY cool


like it’s fucking bizarre. it’s one thing to be like, “No, I do not identify with being gay or sexually fluid.” It’s another to talk about a relationship you had with a woman, hashtag it with #nohomo, and then say the only reason you brought it up was to “honor your friend’s memory” when the first time it happened that money could’ve saved your friend.

60k. Even if she wasn’t gay??? Like??? Your friend is going to be fucking homeless and you’re the star of one of the biggest fucking franchises in the 90s??????? Really?? Are you so far up your own ass that you can’t see why this iss o fucked up idk

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ok there’s no other way of looking at it, my poster that I have no time to fix definitely unintentionally says “c*nt” in the middle of it

exai replied to your post:ok AUS MACCAS FRIES ARE BEEF FREE WE’RE SAFE It”S…

why would they put beef in fries wtf..

for flavour I guess and because vegans and vegetarians aren’t allowed to have fun

omg and aeroplane jelly quickset jelly is vegan too…jelly shots are BACK I don;t even LIKE jelly shots that much but now if they’re offered I can be like “is the aeroplane jelly quick set jelly?” and they can be like “yes, these jelly shots are made from aeroplane jelly quick set jelly™ and are suitable for vegans so take as many as you like angela because we just love having you around and are honoured you could come to our little gathering”