Do you think Louis Theroux is cute
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my mum has this amazing talent where whenever we’re watching something and I think to myself “man that person is pretty hot” she’ll say at the exact same time “hAHA WOAH THAT PERSON HAS A DORKY FACE”

one of my briefs for my illustration class is to design a lifestyle magazine and we get to pick the lifestyle and I’m trying to pick a theme and I just keep coming back to the babes™ like I could just arrange drawings of good looking actors and musicians I can do whatever I want

tell you what. I tell you what..I love a good opal I love a colourful rock. I wish I had a dress that looked like a big dress shaped opal and I wish I had opal print bed sheets.

radiohead is tops for relating to negative feelings but is equally tops for relating to hating driving in cars because they are scary and feel dangerous


Isabella Rossellini as Perdita Durango in “Wild at Heart”, 1990

Star Hits asks the important questions about Robert Smith.